Good morning/afternoon/evening to you, beautiful!

My name is Ellie and it’s a pleasure to meet you!
You look absolutely gorgeous today!
In sweats? Me too. Sweats are amazing!
In jeans and tee? Looking cool and casual and AMAZING!
In makeup? MMMMM, your makeup is ON POINT!
In au natural? OOOO, you are rocking it and looking FOINE!
You absolutely just SLAYING me, right now. (Did I use that right?)
You’re doing an amazing job being yourself, by the way.

As for me? I’m living life the best that I can with the people I love! Life is too short and too precious not to do whatever makes your soul happy. I want to spend my life enjoying new experiences, eating until I can’t feel my face, and I want to have a beautiful adventure all over the place! And I want to share it all with you! So please following along and live your best life with me!


I want to thank you in advance for experiencing this with me.
I also want to thank all the people that I feature in my posts because they are amazing human beans (not a typo)!

I absolutely cannot wait to share all these adventures with YOU!


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