Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

FIRST THING IS FIRST: This post is a collaboration with my AMAZING AND WONDERFUL FRIEND MICHAELA ROSE! She’s got a post up that’s called “Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas”  and you definitely should check that out. She’s legitimately one of the nicest and sweetest humans on the planet. Her links are right here: Twitter & Instagram. Follow and interact with her because you’re missing out on an amazing friendship if you don’t. Just saying!

Here’s the thing: I like Valentine’s day. I enjoy all the hearts, cute lingerie, and obviously the absurdly wonderful amount of chocolate. It’s just that this year I’m going to make it a little more DIY, more personal, and yes… a little cheaper on my wallet.

This is going to be a short little series over the next week. Last minute gift ideas that you can make, food that doesn’t require too much hassle, and (very much like me) a cheap fun date idea!

For this post, I’ll be focusing on DIY gifts. They’ll be easy to make, from the heart, and will make whoever you give them to love you that much more!

OPEN WHEN… LETTERS: I love handwritten letters. My boyfriend and I constantly write valentine_diy2.jpgeach other. I feel like they’re personal and more intimate. Someone took the time out to sit and write to you! I just think they’re super sweet to give.

With this gift, you’ll want to have envelopes, paper, and a pen. I like to decorate my letters with doodles, watercolor pictures, stickers, and washi tape. I also just really extra! However many you choose to write is up to you. Each letter will have the title “Open When You’re…” and it’s to be opened when the receiver feels that certain emotion. It can really have anything on




52 REASONS: This one you’ll need a deck of cards and a sharpie. If you want to get fancy, valentine_diyget some decorative paper, glue, and a pair of scissors. For the fancy version, you’ll trace the outline of the card and cut out the shape. You’ll glue it to the back of the card and ta-da! For both versions, you’ll need to write 52 Reasons why you love the
person. You can tie the gift up once you’re done or punch a hole on the side and put it through some ribbons!

FLOATING PICTURES: Okay, last one and it’s super easy! Get a few balloons and at the end of the string you’ll tape some of your 2-chandelierabsolute favorite pictures of you and your person. It’s personal, it’s cute. And who doesn’t love balloons?(EXTRA: If you want to combine the 52 Reasons and this idea, write all the cards and then just tape 5 or 6 of the cards to the string of the balloons going down the string.)

(Photo: Courtesy of Brit + Co)


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