2018: Word for the New Year

Happy Friday, everyone!

I’ve rewritten this post so many times. I don’t know where to start or how to begin. So I guess this is just going to be a word vomit type of post. 2018 is now almost two weeks in and so much has happened. Tensions and emotions have been out of whack and everyone just seems like they’re trying to find their footing. Stress might be creeping up on everyone again since the excitement of the holidays are over. Work is starting, school is starting, the pressure to keep resolutions is building. There’s always a lot going on the first few weeks of a new year.

My own life has been hitting a few bumps already. Normally, I’d be shutting everyone out and being stressed out. I’d be moody, cutting people off left and right, and craving alone time. Right now? I’m handling everything really well. I’m listening to people, taking my time, and putting a bit of humor into everything. Don’t get me wrong, I got frustrated and angry and upset. But I didn’t do anything I usually do. Even my boyfriend was surprised!

I’m hoping the change has come from personal growth in dealing with tense situations. I’m also hoping that my heart, my personality has changed by helping those who needed me. If my heart was opened a little bit more, if I’m able to see clearly just how my life really is, those small frustrations won’t affect me so much. I hope to be grateful in 2018.

Grateful is my word for 2018. It’s something I’ve always been in regards to my life. I’ve been fortunate all my life and have been blessed with amazing opportunities. Although, I don’t think that I’ve fully and truly been grateful for it all. Last year, I volunteered more. I actively went out of my way when I could for someone who had less than me. I’m not saying any of this to blow smoke up my butt, but doing those little things throughout the year… it became a habit. I used to second guess myself, “Should I? I shouldn’t. I need to be safe. What if they’re alcoholics?” Now, I don’t even think about it. I keep an extra case of water in my trunk, so if someone needs it then I can give it to them. I pack extra food, so I have something to give. My hands move on their own when my car is stopped at a red light and I see someone holding a sign on the side. I park my car, grab food or water, get out of the car, say hello and give what I can.

Someone asked me, “Why did you do that? You need that.” Yes, yes I did. But guess what? I have money to go get another one. I have money to go get whatever I want to eat, to drink. To, really, do whatever! And for that ability, for that privilege, I’ve become so grateful.

The little annoyances in my life: a flat tire, a dead battery, or my shower not getting hot fast enough… I’m grateful for it all! I have a car that goes vroom, I have money I can get a new battery, I HAVE A PLACE TO SHOWER AND SLEEP.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have.
I am grateful for the opportunities I will receive.
I am grateful for the support of my friends and family.
I am grateful.

Happy 2018, ladies and gents! May this year be full of love, laughs, and kick ass moments of growth!





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