The Versatile Blogger Award

Well my Blogmas isn’t going so well, but I can still post! At least I’m back and about drop seven facts about me. Why? Because I was nominated by the amazing Bexa from Hello Bexa. She’s incredible and she actually nominated me for the Liebster Award a couple posts ago. So thank you again for the love and the support, B! I recommend talking to her and reading her posts. She’s so creative and a wonderful writer!

So the Versatile Blogger Award basically a “get to know me” post. I write down seven facts about me and nominate other bloggers who I believe are well written, creative, and have a fantastic blog. Here we go!

  1.  I’m Irish and Chinese. 75% Chinese and 25% Irish.
  2. I’m a photographer! I mainly focus on products and food photography. Although I do dabble in portrait photography!
  3. I’ve been to three Asian countries, but only one European country. China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Italy.
  4. I’m ambidextrous. My left hand was my dominant hand as a child, but my mom taught me to use my right one. So I write with my right, but do literally everything else with my left hand.
  5. Rewatching shows is my favorite thing to do. I’ll get hooked onto a show, binge watch it, then rewatch it and figure out little clues in scenes, and finally it comes to the point where I’m researching the entire series. From actors to the concept art to even fan art which is always so cute!
  6. I’m a huge nerd.
  7. My goal for 2018 is to move out into my own apartment.

And that’s it, that’s the basic gist of who I am. You can follow me on Twitter!


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