Meeting Champagne Victoria

Blogmas is starting off really exciting!

I got to meet a photographer that I took inspiration from! Her name is Champagne Victoria and yes, that is her birth name.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 11.57.05 AM
this is her! click on the picture to see her site!

It was crazy because I was just researching some fashion photography for a project and I came across this really awesome set of photos. I absolutely loved it and included it on my inspo board. That was way early in the semester and I didn’t think of it any more.

Then my teacher announces that we have a guest speaker, Champagne Victoria, coming in to talk to us about being a freelancer. I didn’t even realize that this was the artist I was inspired by! I was just excited to have a professional freelancer come in and talk. So I tell my boyfriend the exciting news and guess what? My boyfriend, the social butterfly, told me he knew her. Apparently they had gone to school together and hosted a radio show and whatnot. So I got even more amped up to hear her talk.

She came in, did her thing, and it honestly was the coolest experience I ever had. She’s just so cool and funny and incredibly down to earth. Unlike most people that have come in to talk, she was candid about the life of a freelancer. While the fun part is being able to travel and doing something you love and having the ability to be paid doing what you love, the tough part is not knowing when your next job is going to be. Selling yourself as a brand to another brand is tough. People might screw you over when it comes to paying; it’s long days for, sometimes, little pay. Champagne did say something that stuck with me; “You have to be in love with the struggles.” She’s right. As much as the struggles are discouraging, it’s one of the parts that makes you a better business person. It makes you come up with different ways to pitch yourself; it makes you hustle harder to get what you want. Her honesty really cemented my want and need to be a successful photographer.




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