Strike Series: Book 3 “Career of Evil”

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 12.54.39 PMCareer of Evil is the third book in the Strike Series written by Robert Galbraith. AND LET ME JUST SAY IT’S A GREAT THIRD BOOK!

Galbraith has given such care into the writing and planning of each book. I finished all the books within a day or two. Easily one of my favorite series! Just really well thought out, planned, and beautifully written. The suspense was intense; the characters were fascinating; the backstories interesting. This series is where I really started to get into the mystery genre.

Before reading this book, I do suggest you read the first two. They contain the backstories of our two main characters: Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott. The stories themselves aren’t connected, so you can just pick up a book and read. But to really understand the dynamics of the relationships in this book and the more personal parts of it.

This book explores the working relationship between Strike and Robin, the romantic relationships between their respective partners, and figuring out each other’s pasts. All that goes on while a maniac serial killer is on the loose with a grudge against Strike! It starts off with Robin being sent a severed leg. Strike figures that there are three people that would want to get revenge on him. Then both journey to figure out where all three are located and what they’ve been up to since Strike last saw each of them.

I would give the book a 7.5/10. The writing was awesome; the story was enthralling. The suspense of finding out the killer was what brought down the points. The killer’s perspective is given throughout the book and, with it, some very small minute details that are incredibly easy to look over if you aren’t paying a ton of attention to the journey of Strike and Robin. Those little clues help you to figure out the killer. I still very much enjoyed the book and love it just the same!

An entertaining read, Galbraith has out done themselves once again!



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