The Liebster Award 2017

Woah… I got nominated for an award. I’m shooketh! The amazing blogger behind HelloBexa is Bexa. I met her on Twitter and I love interacting with her! She’s a beautiful soul and such a supportive person. Apparently she’s relatively new to the blogosphere, but you can’t even tell. She’s just awesome! Go check her out and on twitter! I highly recommend you do.

Anyway, the Liebster Award is a virtual that’s given to and from bloggers. It’s designed to help build stronger communities while promoting one’s blog, keep followers active and participating, and of course just to have a bit of fun! There are 11 questions written by the previous blogger that the next must answer. Once I finished answering the ones given to me, I will come up with 11 new ones and tag at least 5 other bloggers. I’m so here for this!

Thank you, Bexa again for the nomination!

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
    I got tired of having to work around my work and school schedule. It just wasn’t working. I was slipping behind at work. My grades suffered. I was tired and irritable all the time. It was just bad. So I turned to blogging to write about my adventures on the weekends and travels. It was easier to blog than to keep a journal at the moment. So as of now, I’m planning to build this blog and make it my 9-5 job replacement!
  2. If you had £500 to spend solely on blogging (eg. equipment, content for blog posts) how would you spend it?
    I would spend it on lighting equipment and book a cheap road trip so I can write about it! The lighting equipment would be great for taking better product shots and for my professional portrait photography!
  3. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
    It’s just my first and middle initial and the word “adventure.” Not very interesting, I’m afraid!
  4. Have you ever visited somewhere (a town, country, restaurant, event) just because you read about it in someones blog?
    Too many food places to mention! My boyfriend and I are huge foodies, so we search out (mostly me) restaurants, food trucks, and all that jazz all the time!
  5. What is your favourite non-blog website?
    Pinterest. I’ve discovered so many amazing artworks, photographs, and fashion pieces. I also have a secret wedding board!
  6. Besides blogging, what are your other passions and interests?
    I’m a photographer, baker, and candlestick maker! Actually just the first two. Although I do want to add candle making to my resumé. I’m a photographer and right now I like focusing on documentary photographs and still life. I’m also a potter!
  7. What is your favourite book?
    I love too many to have a favorite, but I’m really digging the Strike Series by Robert Galbraith! One of my last posts was a reading TBR I have so you should check it out! I did a super mini review for the series.
  8. Where would you like to go on holiday next?
    I want to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights or Victoria Island, Canada again!
  9. What film can you watch over and over again?
    The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. I love that series so much. I don’t want many movies. Just shows LOL
  10. Are you doing Blogmas this year?
    I always knew of Vlogmas, but THERE’S A BLOGMAS? I’m so in for this! I’m excited! YES I AM DOING BLOGMAS!
  11. What are your future dreams and aspirations for your blog?
    I want to make it my job. I want to have blogger friends from all over. I aspire to be a good content creator and to be able to grow creatively!

Dang, those are some tough questions! I had to actually sit and really think about my answers carefully. I thought those would be a breeze to answer! Thank you, Bexa, for the questions! You’re amazing and a doll!

new questions:
1. What is your favorite subject to blog about?
2. What’s your favorite quote and why?
3. Why did you start blogging?
4. What’s the last movie you saw and did you like it?
5. What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
6. Is there a scent or object that makes you feel nostalgic?
7. Do you find it difficult to build substantial and significant blogger friendships?
8. Where you do go to find inspiration for your posts?
9. Do you still read the first blogger that you followed?
10. Who inspires you? Can be real or fictional or alive or dead.
11. What are the pros and cons of blogging for you?

I’m going to go ahead and tag:

Zoezozo :

Thank you for reading and thank you Bexa for nominating me! I feel so honored!




  1. Hello Bexa

    Aw thank you so much Ellie for the lovely things you said about my blog 💕. You are so sweet! I loved reading your answers. Full-time blogging is my ultimate dream too, let’s make it happen 😃. A road trip sounds like so much fun and the Northern Lights is on my travel list too! Great post! 😘 xx

    Bexa |


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