Learning About My Creative Self

Every single person on this planet is creative. We all express our creativity differently. Some create sculptures. Some paint and draw. Some write stories. Some invent. Some solve equations. Each of those things is a creative way of life. We have been taught to think of creativity as the traditional arts (i.e. painting, drawing, etc.) We have also been told that pursuing a career in the arts will leave us starving and jobless. Which makes us choose different paths. Then there are the stubborn few who follow our hearts and dreams. Those are the people I admire. I never did that. I was convinced a job in the medical field was my calling. Photography was just something I did as a hobby. I could never make a career out of it.

But here I am. Photography is my career path and I do not apologize for it. I have only just started my journey, but so far I have learned so much. Not just technically, but about my creative self. I have suppressed that side and those ideas for so long, I feel as if I have lost a part of me. There are risks that you need to take to create, to bring a difference into what you make, to be a different artist. There is still a part of me that is not allowing me to take risks; really to take risks and failing. I am afraid of failure and that is what is holding me back. I want to unlock that side of me and I am unsure how to. I am trying to involve myself into other art forms. Ceramics is my choice at the moment! Beautiful class taught by an extraordinary teacher. He is passionate. He is kind and caring. He has the ability to make students push themselves to be creative and push to think of new ideas. So far it has been a great class. Not much creativeness coming yet, but I hope I can relax my mind and unlock the creativity inside me!

It is tough to try and break through that creative wall. I have locked it and pushed it so far away it seems as if I will never be able to be creative at all. But I will not give up! I want to create and the only way to do that is to keep trying!

What’s your creative outlet?



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