Brave vs. Fearless

I apologize for not posting as often as I should, but I do want to share something at the moment. I wanted to share something that’s been on my mind for a while now:

“There is a difference between being brave and being fearless.”

I honestly don’t remember where I read this, where I might have seen it, but it definitely stuck with me. Why? Because I see the difference of those two words. Most of the time the two words are used interchangeably. In the dictionary they are synonyms. But I feel like there is a major difference between the two words.

Fearless means you lack fear. You don’t understand fear and it doesn’t understand you.  you race ahead knocking everything thing in your path. You take it down with excitement. Brave means you see fear. You understand that it’s there. You feel it. You’re in its face, but you don’t back down.

Sometimes I wish I was fearless. I wish I could tackle anything without fear. I wish I could go head first and be uninhibited with my choices. I admire those who are truly fearless. It’s a beautiful gift! The lack of fear helps with making bold choices and pushing your absolute limits. Anything and most things are possible to those are fearless. They don’t have fear; they have excitement.

While being fearless brings an abundance of possibilities, so does being brave. The difference is just acknowledging that you’re scared of the situations, person, activity, etc. Bravery is still about tackling the tough and scary. It doesn’t mean anything less than being fearless. I believe that being brave gives you an insight to understanding your weaknesses. Having that understanding of your fears, of your limits, only allows you to come up with different ways to conquer your fears. Because you want to! You know you do, you just want to it with precision and care. Also, being brave is a choice and a tough one. It’s so easy not to be brave: “I’m scared. I don’t want to do it. Not my problem!” It’s not easy to say: “I’m scared. I don’t want to do it. But I will tackle it and I will win.”

These thoughts are just my opinions. I am absolutely no authority on anything! But I love exploring my own beliefs about things and reading about others. What are your thoughts on this?

Have a great day!


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