Spring Bucket List 2017

It has been a HOT SECOND since I’ve posted anything.

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to do for spring break since mine is about three weeks away. Then, the idea hit me. Why don’t I make another seasonal bucket list? That way I don’t have to pin down anything into a single week. I’ll have three months to explore whatever and wherever! This list will be a little different. I will have a section on things I HAVE to and see and a section where I WANT to and see.


  1. Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA)
  2. Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
  3. Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
  4. Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA)

The “gotta do it” list is also my photography project. So maybe once I’m done I’ll post a little something about it!


  1. Have a picnic after a hike. For this I’m thinking about the Paradise Falls in Thousand Oaks. I hear there’s a fantastic waterfall up there!
  2. Host a game night! Maybe not Monopoly… Cards Against Humanity? Sure. Monopoly? I don’t want to ruin lives and friendships. I’ve been wanting to have a game night with my friends for so long. Probably have a potluck, drinks, and tons of games.
  3. Write letters and seal them with wax.  Yup, I want to go way old school. I genuinely enjoy writing letters. I have a few pen pals actually!
  4. Libraries. I love libraries, but I haven’t been inside to read and borrow books since I was a young kid. I want to rekindle my love for libraries.
  5. A spring lookbook! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and I think I’m ready to try it out! If it doesn’t pan out, then it doesn’t.

These are things I wanted to do since last year. I didn’t exactly have time to do it, so I never did. I’m ready to give it my all this time around! Let’s hope I can finish this list!



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