Let’s Catch Up

My apologies for not posting for all of February and most of March…

Life has been a little hectic. School, work, and honestly I’ve been trying to revamp my blog. I’m not sure where I lost sight of what I wanted to do. I just wanted some thing different. In honesty, I wanted to be more like the bigger blogs. Cute blog name, AMAZING photos, and minimal layouts.

Today, I had a bit of a revelation. I actually like my blog name! Who knows in the future? Maybe I’ll find a better blog name, but for now mine is simple. It’s straightforward and kind of funny. Right? Well, I find it funny. My layout is unique to me. It shows my posts the way I would want to see it. It’s different from everyone else. As for my photos? They’ll get better with time. I’m learning all that I can about photography!

I’ve also found what I’m passionate about: photography. It’s always been a hobby. I never thought it would be something I wanted to pursue as a career. It’s an exciting moment for me! Currently, I’m looking for internships and jobs. I want to jump into this as soon as I can.

So thank you again for being so wonderful and patient with me and the lack of new posts! I’ll talk to you again real soon!

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