Happy (very belated) New Year, good lookin’! What was your New Year plans?

I drank with friends and we missed the countdown, but we had a wonderful time! I celebrated one full year with my boyfriend! Special day for me. I’ve never been in a relationship this long. I’ve also never been this happy.

To Bub,
Thank you for an incredible year! Thank you for showing me a healthy relationship, for showing me what having unconditional love and support is, for being my best friend. You make me smile on my darkest days and calm my nerves when I start freaking out. Thank you for holding me when I sleep and thank you for teaching me to be a better human. Finally, thank you for taking me on so many adventures and making so many beautiful memories with me. You da best! I love you!


Thank you to you all for supporting me and actually reading through all of my posts! It’s been awesome and I hope to grow more. Obviously with all of you as well! May this year bring on more adventures of a lifetime, more pictures, more laughs and smiles, and importantly, lots of love! Remember to never let anyone define who you are or what your limits are because of where you come from. You’re only limit is your soul. <— Wise words from Chef Gusteau of Ratatouille



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