Ski and Sky

Here’s the great thing about California:
If you want the beach, you head towards the coast.
If you want the snow, you head towards the mountains.
Best of both worlds.

A few of the more popular snowy places that I know of are Mountain High, Big Bear, and Snow Valley. Those and a few other places sponsor an event called Ski Dazzle. People come and try out gear for the season (which are on sale BTW) and take part in more interactive activities such as zip lining, rock climbing, a small slope so people can practice their skiing, and face paint for the little ones or grows adults who enjoy David Bowie.

They are also able to redeem a free lift ticket! Lift tickets are usually around 70$ or so. For an adult, a ticket to the convention is about 20$-25$. Not a bad pricing at all! I’m not sure if they do this every year, but for this year it was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center which is around 15$ for parking.

I still wouldn’t say this was a bad price since the whole day totals around 35$-40$. So I would recommend it. Plus, it was just awesome!

15421022_833267496815595_4646622779358904496_nSONY DSC15400889_833267563482255_2205578117670513300_n15541905_833267606815584_4454896149056909895_n

After the convention we had lunch at Vicious Dogs in North Hollywood. I didn’t take pictures there because by the time my friends, my boyfriend, and I got there we only had once focus: GET FOOD. Thus there’s no photos, but I do recommend it! If you’re brave enough or just like extremely spicy foods try the Lava Dog.

Once we were filled will hot dogs, fries, and chili fries we decided to visit the Griffith Observatory. One of my favorite places and perhaps the most frequented places I’ve been to this year!


You can see why. It’s just a gorgeous place! And it’s one of my special places because I share so many memories with my boyfriend there!

Do you have any special places with your friends, family, or significant others?

I would love to see pictures of your favorite places! Tag me on Instagram @theeliehuynh and use the #elieadventures!


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