Pa’s Pumpkin Patch



Pa’s Pumpkin Patch, being the proper pumpkin patch it is, has pony rides, a HUGE bouncy slide, carnival foods like funnel cake and all sorts of popcorn! There was a petting zoo and little games. Of course no pumpkin patch is complete with pumpkins that cover every inch and make it impossible to walk anywhere without falling…

I’m kidding! The pumpkins were lined up and there was plenty of room for walking, but there were A LOT of pumpkins..img_2355

My boyfriend and I brought our niece hoping she’d enjoy it. But instead of the nice crisp cool weather that Fall is supposed to bring, we got hot humid sticky weather of a California
fall. California: a place where the weather forecast is eternal sunshine with a chance of sweating through your shirt. Still, she had a little fun on the big ol’ slide at least and it was the cutest thing ever! The heat did get to the three of us, so the trip was a little short and there was a bit of crankiness from the little princess, but once we all got in the car with some nice cool AC… it was AALLL good!

I would love to see pictures of your favorite places! Tag me on Instagram @theeliehuynh and use the #elieadventures!


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