The past few posts have been about locations that “feed the mind.”
Which is all good; don’t get me wrong.
I’m all for learning and exploring and expanding my mind.
After all… being alive is to learn!


We can’t forget to feed our stomachs!
We need to fuel ourselves when we go on adventures!

One of my favorite foods is sushi. Maybe it’s the Californian in me or maybe it’s the Asian half of me. But I love sushi so much! It’s just so yummy! Have you ever tried it with eel sauce instead of soy sauce? Just ask your server! The taste will blow your mind. Guaranteed. It’s pretty amazing. It’s not as salty as soy sauce; eel sauce brings a much more savory taste out in sushi.


I’m talking about sushi because of this sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. The place is called SushiStop. It’s a good priced place for some bomb sushi! All plates start at $2.95 and other plates are $4. Again, not bad at all. We had a total of about 6 plates and all plates came with 4 pieces. Maybe it’s the rice, but we were totally full and satisfied by the 6th plate. Which is a feat because my guy is an athlete and has the appetite of one.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


  • Tuna Poke Handroll: It was good! Just be careful because it does tend to fall apart. At least mine did.
  • Dynamite Roll: SO SO GOOD. To be frank, I love the baked scallops at any sushi place, but SushiStop… I don’t know what they did, but it’s was just so delicious!
  • Baked Salmon Roll: I had two plates of these… No shame. They were amazing and delicious.
  • Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll: Good crunch. Good sauce. Even better with some extra eel sauce!
  • Baked Green Mussles: If you aren’t allergic to shellfish, try these. They’re delicious! They come off so easily too. I’ve had my fair share of tough mussels, but these just slide off the shell.

There’s obviously more on the menu, but these are the dishes I tried. Which I whole-heartedly recommend 10/10. I’ve also hear their salmon skin salad is good too! I’m definitely going back and trying it. Also, there are multiple locations which can all be found on their website!

Do you have a favorite sushi place? A favorite roll?

I would love to see pictures of your favorite places! Tag me on Instagram @theeliehuynh and use the #elieadventures!


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