The Griffith Observatory

Want to see one of the best view of the Los Angeles skyline at night?
This is where you want to be.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

The observatory is probably one of the coolest places to visit in L.A. At least in my personal opinion! My favorite part? It’s free. Even the parking is free! You do trade conveience for the parking fee. What I mean is that the observatory sits on the edge of a hill which is why the view is so amazing! Anyway, the parking is a bit of an inconvenience. There is a parking lot directly in front of the observatory, but that’s usually full all the time. It’s easier to park along the road to the observatory and walk the rest of the way. I can’t stress this enough: wear comfortable shoes. I wore flats on this particular night when these photos were taken and I regret everything! My feet were swollen and irritated… it wasn’t a pretty.

The Griffith is a place that’s perfect for all sorts of people. It’s romantic enough for a cheap date. Seriously! I was there with my boyfriend for his birthday. We were lucky enough to go on the day where the observatory hosts a “telescope” party. They set up a few telescopes which point at different planets and we, the guests, can look through them. It’s pretty cool! They have the dates when they do that on their website if you’re interested. It’s cool to bring your kids there since they have an interactive mini museum inside. I, myself, always get super excited to go through that part since I am a huge fan of astronomy. It’s a great workout spot. I always see some yoga enthusiasts on the front lawn and there are plenty of hikers all hours of the day. They usually end up or come from the hike next to the Griffith. Also the HOLLYWOOD sign can be seen by the naked eye or close up like a telescope. It’s a short drive from this Hollywood sign hike to the Griffith observatory. Might I say, it’s absolutely worth the time!

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